Equip Develop and Train
Pastors and Ministry Leaders
to Fulfill
The Mission of The Church.

Mentorship is a training conference geared toward equipping, developing and mentoring Pastors, Church Leaders and Ministry Teams who desire to excel in ministry. 

Growing a church in our Post- Modern world takes more than conventional processes and popular methods. It demand spirit led creativity, adaptability, purpose, and structure. The ability to manage time becomes essential as a church or organization grows. What brought you to where you are today, will not take you to where God is leading you to go.  A church cannot grow beyond its present structure.   We cannot spiritualize organization issues, and we cannot organize spiritual issues.  Building a church, it takes strategic planning and structure as well as those spiritual components. Jesus fed 5000 men only when He organized them into groups. This year Mentorship Training Conference will take you and your ministry team to the next level numerically, spiritually and financially.  We must increase our capacity to grow in areas of administration and structure. When we do this, we create lanes for ministry team to drive. MC 17 will change your life and those who labor with you in ministry. It is our deepest desire that this training conference will change and enrich every attendee culmination in a divine visitation by the Lord. Our Prayer is for God to give you the instruction and wisdom you need to take your church into the dimension of blessing and realized potential.

Mentorship has built a reputation for providing instruction of cutting edge church grows principles.  Given that ministry require vision, passion, creativity, and insight. Mentorship is designed to equip, train, mentor and inspire pastors and leaders with practical tools to increase their church’s effectiveness.

Mentorship was birthed out of a desire to see pastors equipped with the tools they need to lead and grow dynamic churches. In 2000, the first conference was held in Atlanta, GA. The hundred or so individuals who gathered there were challenged to reach deeper, go further, give more, and increase their faith to believe God for their cities and communities. 

 Alonzo Terry,  Conference Founder

Alonzo Terry, 
Conference Founder

Alonzo Terry is a gifted vision caster and is the Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Pentecostal Church in Atlanta, GA. During the 25 years of ministry in Atlanta, Pastor Terry has become known as a man with profound vision, integrity, and excellent leadership instincts. He is committed to reaching people from all over the world and he has infused the ministry with fresh vision that promotes culturally relevant evangelism and culturally diverse congregations. He teaches diversity training sessions around the country, helping churches understand and implement a strategy to reach their community. Pastor Terry has instilled sound stewardship principles to every new member through discipleship training along with annual monthly teaching and training specifically about stewardship to the congregation. He is strong advocate for educational achievement and assisting his church members in creating wealth opportunities.

In 2000, he founded Mentorship Conference, a life-changing training conference designed to equip, train and mentor pastors and their leadership teams with proven principles and application methods that will enable them to expand their ministries. Given that ministry requires vision, passion, creativity, and insight, Mentorship has built a reputation for providing instruction of cutting edge church growth principles. Pastor Terry has also established a ministry called Exponential. This ministry is intended for Senior Pastors who desire one on one development and mentoring. He helps maximize pastors’ ministry potential through coaching, training, mentoring and development.

Pastor Terry has served as a member of the General Board, Home Missions Administrative Board of the United Pentecostal Church International and as chairman of Building The Bridge. Pastor Terry is very active in the community and political arena in his city and state. Pastor Terry resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Kathy and their three children; Jonathan, Nathan and Kaitlyn.